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Celebrating National Immigrant Heritage Month

Celebrating National Immigrant Heritage Month

During the month of June, Visa Business Plans is proud to celebrate one of its favorite holidays: National Immigrant Heritage Month!

The annual celebration was started as an initiative of the I Am An Immigrant Foundation and exists to honor immigrants and their contributions to the United States. First celebrated in 2014 under the Obama administration, National Immigrant Heritage Month has become an important part of the calendar year and symbolizes the Unites States’ gratitude toward its immigrant population. On June 1st, President Biden specially recognized the holiday through proclamation, and encouraged Americans to participate by learning more about immigrants and their stories.

Since the founding of the United States, immigrants have always been a vital part of both its economy and culture. Widely known phrases like “the melting pot” and “the American dream” have not only come to symbolize the opportunities that await newcomers to the United States, but also the richness that immigrants bring with them. Just as immigrants have come to appreciate the opportunities that the U.S. has to offer, Americans have fallen in love with the contributions of immigrants, including their cuisine, music, and fashion.

How have immigrants affected your life? Chances are, you’ve heard of household names like Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize winning physicist, or Levi Strauss, creator of blue jeans, but you might not know something important – they were both immigrants! Many more historic inventions came about thanks to the hard work of immigrants, including the telephone, invented by Scottish Alexander Graham Bell.

More recently, immigrants have been responsible for a significant portion of the cutting-edge technology that Americans rely on to help them with work, entertainment and more. Google, a company with a net worth of 320 billion, was co-founded by Russian immigrant Sergey Brin, and the entertainment giant YouTube was also founded by immigrants, Jawed Karim from Germany, and Steve Che from Taiwan. Companies like Google provide not only technology, but also employ thousands of Americans, contributing majorly to the U.S. economy.

Visa Business Plans knows firsthand the value of immigrants and is delighted to acknowledge their vast contributions in the United States’ past and present. We hope you will celebrate National Immigrant Heritage Month with us!

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