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Investor Assessment

Analyzing Data So You Can Make Great Decisions

The allure of an enticing potential investment in a shiny new business or franchise, one that boasts its brand of bells and whistles, can be intoxicating, triggering eager anticipation of financial rewards. Initial feelings of jubilation can, however, also be a trap, dooming an investor to costly losses and deep regret.

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How We Can Help

At Visa Business Plans, our team of investor assessment consultants have a collective business background and expertise that allows us to assist investors in making sound decisions. From our standpoint, prudent investment decision-making should reflect not only thoughtful even painstaking analysis, but also candid assessments and discussions of risks and rewards.

What We Do

Our investment assessments entail a thorough analysis of potential clients, including:

  • Financial Profile
  • Vision
  • Skills
  • Lifestyle Preferences
  • If They Match Investment Opportunities

Types of Investment Analysis

There are many ways to analyze investments -- some common examples include:

  • Top-Down Analysis. Involves looking at the broad picture (macroeconomics) and its components.
  • Bottom-Up Analysis. Focuses on individual stocks and attention on a specific company instead of the industry in which that company operates or the economy altogether.
  • Fundamental Analysis. Determining the real or "fair market value" of an asset and analyzing the factors that could influence its price.
  • Technical Analysis. Identifying trading opportunities by looking at trends in trading activity.

Talk To Our Investment Assessment Consultants

Don’t be pressured by unscrupulous sellers or unqualified advice. Do not invest in businesses or franchises without a well-grounded and thorough assessment of your unique needs and preferences. Sound investment decisions have no room for short-cuts. Reach out to Visa Business Plans to talk to our experts today.

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