We write business plans for US and Canadian immigration, and help entrepreneurs grow and raise capital.

Business Consulting for Immigration Attorneys and Their Clients

Working With Immigration Lawyers Nationwide since 2009

We are a team of multilingual professionals with extensive backgrounds in business and finance led by Marco Scanu, an O-1 visa recipient in the fields of business and entrepreneurial ventures. As immigrants ourselves, we have been through the visa application process firsthand and are able to offer a unique perspective of immigration business planning. With dedication, passion, and organized creativity, we have effectively delivered more than 8,000 business plans in a timely manner and at a competitive flat fee.

Our customer service-driven team with over 100 years of combined professional experience in business is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Visa Business Plans also serves clients in French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

At Visa Business Plans, our immigration support services are tailored and customized to reflect our clients’ businesses and goals. We know that every immigration attorney has a distinct approach when it comes to crafting a strategy for complex cases. For this reason, we base our services on the strategy and focus of each attorney. Visa Business Plans has helped hundreds of immigration lawyers nationwide, always striving for perfection and guaranteeing the satisfaction at all times.

We assist immigration attorneys by:

  • Saving them time. There is no need to fix or edit our work -- we are known for our attention to detail.
  • Allowing attorneys to handle more cases. By spending less time on reviewing and editing our work, immigration lawyers can take care of more cases.
  • Helping lawyers handle cases faster. We make sure our business plans clearly explain the individual's endeavors beneficiary’s intentions and business model. This allows the attorney to adopt and incorporate sections of our work into the petition letters and/or forms.
  • Increasing attorneys' success rate. Immigration attorneys we have worked with in the past have indicated that their case approval rate have increased as a result of our work. Our business plans and related documents are realistic from a business standpoint and meet the current shifting adjudication standards. View our testimonials here.

If you are an immigration attorney in need of a business plan to support your client's case, contact Visa Business Plans online or call (888) 657-3515 to schedule a consultation. Our services are available nationwide in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Visa Business Plans also serves clients in French, Japanese, Mandarin and Russian.

Matters We Handle

We provide immigration attorneys with professional business plans, ranging from simple operations to complex and unique business ventures. We can also assist attorneys with a variety of matters including, but not limited to:

Our team of specialists also create customized visa business plans for many visa types such as:

Why Choose Visa Business Plans?

Because we are here to help you win cases.

When working with Visa Business Plans, you can rest assured that our team will communicate any issues that we encounter upon reviewing a client’s information that can potentially jeopardize their visa approval. Our meticulous process and our attention to detail guarantees we leave no stone unturned when crafting a compelling and solid immigration business plan. Our ultimate goal is to help you win cases.

In addition, our team stays current in regard to regulations and ever-changing US visa adjudication standards. When working on an immigration business plan, we carefully study the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), Policy Manual as well as recent Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) decisions that may have an impact on the business plan we are creating for your client.

Part of our continuous training comes from one of Visa Business Plans’ most regarded services: the crafting of immigration business plans and related documents in response to RFEs. By closely tracking RFE trends, we continually update the content of our immigration business plans, making sure we take into consideration new USCIS requirements or expectations beforehand.

After having worked with over 1000 attorneys nationwide, we are extremely proud of the reputation we have earned within the industry, based mainly on word of mouth. When we have the honor of being recommended by one attorney to another, our work is frequently described as thorough, accurate, consistent and reliable.

Our best endorsement? Our satisfied clients. Read our testimonials.

About Our Business Plans

Every plan includes all the essential details of each client's business venture or project, including financial projections, marketing strategies, competitive analysis, market trends, and other facts to further strengthen a client's visa application. Additionally, our business plans include a proprietary section that describes how the beneficiary’s business venture or project contributes to the U.S. economy.

Our process includes a meticulous review of a business’s operation to make sure the immigration business plan leverages the company’s strengths. At the same time, if during this review we find any issues that don’t comply with current adjudication standards, business standards, or that might otherwise pose a risk to the petition from an operational standpoint we will advise both client and legal counsel.

Visa Business Plans has successfully completed thousands of projects and has supported hundreds of immigration lawyers in the United States. For business plan support in your immigration case, choose consultants with years of experience. Call (888) 657-3515 to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Visa Business Plans
  • Q:What is Visa Business Plans?

    A:Visa Business Plans is a boutique consulting firm with a team of 17 professionals led by an O-1 recipient in Business and Entrepreneurship. Visa Business Plans has completed over 8,000 immigration business plans with a success rate of 94.8%.

  • Q:How can Visa Business Plans help immigration attorneys?

    A:We can:
    • Prepare thorough and comprehensive business plans requiring minimal or no editing that focus on the audience: adjudication authorities.
    • Provide custom, detailed company descriptions and clear articulation of business models which can be adapted for use in petition letters and forms (including DS156E and I-129), with tables and granular details ready to use.
    • Identify red flags in a client’s business model that can be addressed early in the process.
    • Perform a proprietary 77-point quality assurance process to ensure that immigration attorneys receive a document that requires minimal editing.
    • Compile a written record of communications so sources of information are easily identifiable.
    • Offer open availability, professionalism, and loyal and committed service at all times.
    • Maximize successful outcomes with business plans that are compliant with the Foreign Affairs Manual, the Adjudicator’s Field Manual, the USCIS Policy Memoranda, and current immigration adjudication standards.

  • Q:Does Visa Business Plans work with the client?

    A:Yes. Visa Business Plans takes the time to educate the client on what is needed for a successful business plan, and guide them through the entire business plan writing process. Visa Business Plans lays the groundwork for the client to keep their visa when renewal time comes.

  • Q:Does Visa Business Plans handle NIW/EB-2s?

    A:Yes. Visa Business Plans specializes in preparing impact analysis reports and business plans using the guidelines established by the Matter of Dhanasar decision. A detailed description of the proposed endeavor is presented, assuring that every relevant aspect is discussed, and why it will have impact on national interests in a given field. Visa Business Plans performs exhaustive research that explores the “problem” or “opportunity” that has been deemed to be of national interest, then quantifies the impact of the proposed endeavor, whether in monetary or other benefits to the United States. Visa Business Plans can demonstrate that the proposed endeavor has significant potential to employ U.S. workers with a 5-year staffing plan. When appropriate, our business plans make clear reference to indirect job creation potential.

  • Q:Can Visa Business Plans help with a client that does not feel able to write a questionnaire?

    A: Visa Business Plans offers VIP Service for clients who do not have the time or the willingness to complete the questionnaires. For an additional fee, a dedicated Visa Business Plans team member can schedule a phone or video call to walk through the questions with the client to take his or her answers and help them to put their best foot forward.

  • Q:What kind of assistance does Visa Business Plans provide when responding to RFEs?

    A: Innovative solutions to respond to USCIS requirements in a standalone, reader-friendly document that addresses specific points challenged in the RFE individually. Typically, feasibility analyses, market research, looking at the financial viability of the U.S. entity, and/or detailed industry-specific job duties for the beneficiary and the subordinates (U.S. and foreign entity) are used to respond.

  • Q:Does Visa Business Plans work with foreign investors to specify business areas and opportunities?

    A: Leveraging its founder’s education and experience as a business coach, Visa Business Plans has developed a proprietary process called Investor Assessment, with the goal to identify businesses that are a match as well as meeting requirements of the visa category pursued.

  • Q:What languages does Visa Business Plans specialize in?

    A:The team speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Visa Business Plans also serves clients in French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

  • Q:What other services does Visa Business Plans offer?

    A:We offer: 
    • Business Plan Assessment
    • Immigration sections to incorporate into plans written by others
    • EB-2/NIW Impact Analysis
    • Feasibility Analyses
    • CPA Validation Letters for E-2 Petitions
    • Business Plans for Bank or SBA Loans
    • Business Plans for Investors
    • Investor’s Decks
    • Landlord/Retail Space Presentations
    • Teasers
    • Buy-side Due Diligence
    • Market Research
    • Immigration-Focused Resumes
    • Business Coaching
    • Growth Business Plans
    • Grant Business Plans
    • Financial Modeling
    • Florida Department of Education Business Plans
    • Full-Service Restaurant Consulting

  • 79%

    of coaching is used to improve individual performance/productivity.

  • 37%

    of American coaches are 46 to 55 years old.

  • 39%

    increase in customer service ratings experienced by Fortune 1000 companies  is a result of coaching.

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