We write business plans for U.S. and Canadian immigration, and assist entrepreneurs in growth and capital raising.

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Got an RFE on an EB-2/NIW Petition? We Can Help!

More and more, we are hired to respond to RFEs challenging EB2/NIW petitions.

Immigration officers receive tons of documents discussing the beneficiary’s background, accomplishments, and so on, but nothing, or very little, on how they will put that glittery experience to work for the U.S.

This is where we come in. Based on the Matter of Dhanasar framework, we create thorough and highly detailed impact analysis reports, personal endeavor plans, and business plans that identify, quantify, and demonstrate with extensive research how your client’s proposed endeavor will benefit the U.S. Benefits can range from the economy, cultural, and educational interests to significant job creation.

We have created winning projects for professionals that range from entrepreneurs, medical doctors, and real estate developers to airline pilots, dentists, oil specialists, and karate instructors. At all times, our goal is to identify matters that the federal or state government has described as having national importance while stressing how the petitioner will address these matters.

Our personal endeavor plans, impact analysis reports, and business plans are the result of countless hours of research and analyses that support the petitioner’s proposed endeavor in the U.S. and why it will be of national importance. Additionally, our business plans include a detailed 5-year staffing plan that includes indirect job creation and demonstrates that the petitioner's proposed endeavor has significant potential to employ U.S. workers.

As pioneers in providing this type of supporting evidence, Visa Business Plans has a solid track record of success in developing EB-2/NIW projects in response to RFEs. If you got an RFE on an EB-2/NIW case, give us a call today to discuss how we can help.