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3 Things the Adjudicator or Consular Officer Will Do Prior to Your Visa Interview

After 13+ years in the business immigration sector, at Visa Business Plans we have learned a thing or two about the steps that adjudication or consular officers take when reviewing a case and prior to conducting a visa interview. We have listed 3 of these points to help you maximize your chances of success!

1. The USCIS or consular officer will google your U.S. company’s address. The officer wants to make sure that the address listed in your business plan and visa petition actually exists. Depending on the visa type you are applying for and your business model, the officer will look to confirm if the address is for a commercial space, look for hints on the square footage of the space and use, and will seek other indications to verify the information in your petition.

We recently were hired to respond to a Request for Evidence (RFE) that said “according to your petition, the location at 983 Aberdeen St. is fully operational. However, a search on Google Maps did not reveal a restaurant at the location listed on your application.”

2. The USCIS or consular officer will look at your website and social media. Nowadays, every business has an online presence. The officer will look at your website, learn more about your company, and will make sure that the information in your petition is consistent with the info that is published online. The officer will also check major social media handles, including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

3. The USCIS or consular officer will read your business plan. Many of our customers ask how an officer can make a decision so quickly, after a 3-5 minute interview? The reason is simple: at the time of the interview, the officer has already read your entire petition, including your business plan. As a result, he/she has already made a decision about your case. The interview is the last step of a long process, and according to how it goes, can either confirm the officer’s decision or gear him towards changing his position on the case.

The process that goes behind doors only highlights the importance of having a solid business plan, one that answers all questions before the officer even makes them. Additionally, the relevancy of having a consistent and professional web presence cannot be underestimated. We have seen many times in the past how having a wrong online message breaks a visa petition.

If you need help with your business plan or with immigration-focused website and social media plans, contact us.

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