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3 Tips to Help You Deal with Stress and Anxiety When Applying for a U.S. Visa

Applying for a visa is certainly a very emotional and stressful process. The fact that you and your family’s entire future is in the hands of one adjudication officer generates an uneasy feeling only those with experience applying for a U.S. visa can relate to.

Many of our staff at Visa Business Plans have personally experienced feelings of stress and anxiety during their visa petition process. That’s why we want to share three tips that will help in dealing with stress and anxiety during this important phase which requires your full attention and focus.

  1. Do your homework: Speed won’t give you ‘extra points’ with the immigration service, but it is likely to lead to unnecessary mistakes. Research, ask questions, and reach out to several professionals. Compare their responses and initial suggestions. Avoid thinking about who charges less or who offers to finish your visa petition quicker. Generally, these are red flags for a cookie-cutter job that won’t help obtain a visa. After completing your due diligence, settle for the professionals that feel right for you. Making the right selection will come down to how well you’ve done your homework.

  2. Be organized: There is a massive amount of paperwork that goes into filing a visa petition. In addition, documents often need to be translated, adding another layer of complication. With so much to juggle and deadlines to think of, organization may seem like a secondary concern, but we promise it isn’t. Staying organized does require more time and effort, but it also prevents serious headaches and potentially case-breaking mistakes in the future. We recommend creating a checklist with everything you need and keeping digital archives in the cloud. A checklist will ensure that every relevant document is accounted for, and cloud archives provide easy and quick access for both you and your attorney to view, download, or edit. This tip is especially important for those that want to reduce the stressful aspects of their visa petition, as organization is the key to peace of mind.

  3. Surround yourself with the most qualified professionals: This is part of the due diligence process and it requires visa seekers to pay special attention. The stakes of a visa petition are always high because the results will decide an individual’s future. With so much on the line, it only makes sense to want the best people in your corner throughout your petition process. Once again, that requires research and evaluation to select the best legal, financial, and business professionals for your case. To evaluate those professionals, we recommend conducting meetings and asking key questions that can give deeper insight into their mindset and work ethic, such as “Why should I hire you?” Questions like these can quickly illuminate which professionals are confident and knowledgeable versus those that are just trying to sell you something. You are essentially building a team to help you secure your visa, so you’ll need individuals that fully understand your intentions and have the expertise to identify any issues that may prompt a visa denial. Teams function at their best when every member is committed to the cause, so be sure that the professionals you select care about your visa as much as you do.

Deciding to immigrate always carries some inherent stressors. From leaving your homeland to the uncertainty of living in a new place to the lengthy process of applying for a visa– all of it can be overwhelming and daunting. However, the process can be made easier by taking steps that help to reduce stress and anxiety. We know from experience that the largest share of stresses during a visa petition is typically rooted in a lack of proper organization, research, and planning. Be sure to follow our tips, we promise it will make the immigration process easier to manage.

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