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Are Immigrants Taking Americans Jobs?

There is a common misconception that immigrants take jobs from American citizens. However, decades of comprehensive analysis has shown that immigrants have a net positive effect on the economy. Immigrants create new jobs and fill gaps in employment by taking undesirable jobs.[1] Additionally, skilled immigrants benefit the economy by increasing wages for native-born Americans. This trend may seem counterintuitive; however, research has shown that immigrant skills tend to be complementary to native-born Americans, increasing productivity and creating new jobs.[2] Research also shows that new immigrants coming into the country reduce the number of jobs outsourced offshore in the manufacturing industry, keeping those jobs in the United States.[3]

Research has shown that immigrants are starting businesses at a much higher rate than Americans born in the United States. Immigrants represent about 15 percent of the U.S. workforce, but they account for approximately a quarter of the entrepreneurs and a quarter of investors in the United States. Additionally, over one-third of new firms have at least one immigrant entrepreneur in its initial leadership team.[4] This is true for both large and small companies, resulting in the creation of millions of jobs. This trend was shown in a research study that examined the creation of businesses from 2005 to 2010. During that period, 0.83% of immigrants in the workforce created business, nearly double the 0.46% of native-born Americans.[5]

This study also examined the quality of jobs created by immigrants, showing that businesses created by foreign-born individuals tended to be more innovative than those created by native-born Americans. This trend translated into higher wages for the employees of these companies.[6]

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