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Moving to Portugal is a Good Idea - Here’s Why

People have chosen to relocate to Portugal for a long time, which is why the country enjoys a large expat community.

However, what is it about this country that so many foreigners love?


Those relocating primarily from the United Kingdom, the northern United States, Canada, and Northern Europe enjoy Portugal’s Mediterranean climate.

It's warm to hot and dry summers, coupled with mild to cool winters that are sometimes accompanied by wet seasons please expats running away from harsher weather.

And though temperatures vary throughout the country, Portugal enjoys as many as 300 sunny days a year, which make outdoor activities ideal.


Portugal’s proximity to much of the European continent makes it attractive to newcomers.

A trip to London is under three hours, and there are many direct flights in and out of Lisbon for those traveling for business or pleasure. This means that Portugal is an ideal location for those who still work and those with families abroad. It is perfect for the digital nomad and the retiree alike.

That it is one half of the Iberian Peninsula means that travel to Spain is accessible by roads from most of the country. From Spain, exploring Northern Africa is also simple, making Portugal a traveler’s dream come true.


Influenced by many other cultures, Portugal’s way of life is rich and diverse. There are Germanic and even Viking influences present; and like its neighboring country of Spain, both Roman Catholic and Moorish traditions are evident.

Tied to the sea, its music and cuisine are unique. Living in Portugal means listening to the melancholic melodies of Fado and indulging in cod and sardines, staples of the local diet.

Traveling throughout the country means enjoying both national and local festivals where one can meet warm and welcoming people who are proud of their culture and quick to share it.

And, there is futebol! It is an integral part of Portuguese identity as well.

Cost of Living

Living in Portugal is not as expensive as living in the United States or even many northern European countries.

As in many other parts of the world, if choosing to live in major cities such as Lisbon or Porto, housing could be the greatest expense. There are however more economical alternatives outside of these communities.

By comparison, everyday expenses such as utilities and communications are considerably less expensive in Portugal than they are in the United Kingdom or the United States. Buying food to make meals at home and eating out are also significantly more affordable here.

How we can Help

While we specialize in helping business owners and entrepreneurs accomplish their immigration and professional goals in the U.S. and Canada, we have also forged alliances worldwide in an effort to help individuals live and work in other European countries. If you are interested in making Portugal a place to live, work, invest, or even retire, Visa Business Plans can help you. Call us today to learn more.

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