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??Understanding the Differences and Similarities: NIW Business Plan, NIW Personal Endeavor Plan, and Personal Statement

​​Understanding the Differences and Similarities: NIW Business Plan, NIW Personal Endeavor Plan, and Personal Statement

When it comes to pursuing immigration visas, particularly the EB-2/National Interest Waiver (EB-2/NIW), having a well-crafted plan can be the key to success. At Visa Business Plans, we offer three top-selling products tailored to meet different immigration needs: the NIW Business Plan, the NIW Personal Endeavor Plan (or NIW Professional Plan), and the Personal Statement. While each serves a distinct purpose, they share common elements and nuances worth exploring.

1. NIW Business Plan:

The NIW Business Plan is a comprehensive document designed to support individuals seeking a National Interest Waiver. It encompasses several key components:

Background Description: This section provides a detailed account of the individual's background, qualifications, and expertise.

Proposed Endeavor: It outlines the nature of the proposed project or endeavor, emphasizing its relevance to national interests.

National Importance: This crucial section establishes the proposed endeavor's national importance by demonstrating how it addresses critical issues or contributes significantly to the U.S.

Personnel and Financial Projections: The NIW Business Plan includes a financial and personnel section projecting the growth and development of the proposed endeavor over the next five years.

2. NIW Personal Endeavor Plan:

The NIW Personal Endeavor Plan focuses on the core elements of an NIW petition but does not include financial or personnel sections. It includes:

Background Description: Similar to the NIW Business Plan, this section outlines the individual's qualifications and expertise.

Proposed Endeavor: It details the proposed endeavor and its national importance, providing a strong argument for the NIW.

3. Personal Statement:

A Personal Statement is a more concise document that serves a different purpose:

Background Description: This section offers an overview of the individual's background and qualifications.

Plans in the U.S.: The Personal Statement highlights the individual's intentions and aspirations while residing in the U.S.

Key Similarities:

Background Description: All three documents start with a thorough description of the individual's qualifications and background, helping to establish their expertise and credibility.

Proposed Endeavor: Both the NIW Business Plan and NIW Personal Endeavor Plan focus on describing the proposed endeavor's national importance, albeit with varying degrees of detail.

Key Differences:

Financial and Personnel Projections: The NIW Business Plan uniquely includes financial and personnel sections, which project the growth and sustainability of the proposed endeavor over five years.

Document Length: The NIW Business Plan is typically the most extensive, followed by the NIW Personal Endeavor Plan, while the Personal Statement is the most concise.

In summary, the choice between these three top-selling products at Visa Business Plans depends on your specific immigration needs. The NIW Business Plan provides the most comprehensive support, including financial and personnel projections, ideal for those seeking a robust NIW petition through a business entity.

The NIW Personal Endeavor Plan offers a balanced approach, focusing on the core elements of an NIW petition. Immigration attorneys primarily use the NIW Personal Endeavor Plan for the “work bees” - engineers, scientists, etc. who will provide services as independent consultants or through an employer.

On the other hand, the Personal Statement is suitable for individuals looking to articulate their personal plans in the U.S. Understanding the nuances and differences among these offerings is crucial to selecting the right document to support your immigration goals.


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At present, Mr. Scanu is the managing partner and CEO at Visa Business Plans, a Miami-based boutique consulting firm providing attorneys and investors with business planning services in the areas of U.S. and Canadian immigration, SBA loans, and others.


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