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  • Excellent and attentive service.

    Thank you for the excellent job and attentive service, professional and according to the planned schedule.

    - Gerardo Rocha Harrdt

  • Highly effective

    Very professional team, and what is most important they are very effective! I highly recommend their services.

    - Piotr Nowocien

  • Highly recommended.
    I am very satisfied with the service that was provided to me. I recommend for all types of cases, especially the more complex, like mine. Thanks

    - Ali Gebara

  • I definitely would recommend Visa Business Plans.

    Marco and the team were efficient and thorough. I am very hopeful the business plan will help with the visa approval process. I definitely would recommend Visa Business Plans. STAY SAFE!!!

    - Ricardo Freund

  • You saved our company’s expansion in the USA!
    Visa Business Plans Team are true professionals. They questioned and researched everything before making any recommendation and found out new market possibilities for our business. When it was time to speed things up, I could count on their team support and we got things done before the COVID 19 and obtained our E-2 Visa just before the pandemic! Thank you Marco and your team. You saved our Company’s expansion in the USA!

    - Patrick Henri

  • They fully meet my expectations!

    Marco and his great team provide top quality service with a brilliant outcome. They fully meet my expectations!!!

    - Petr Horacek

  • Visa Business Plans is a reliable team to work with.
    Visa Business Plans is a reliable team to work with. They respond efficiently to clients' needs and pay much attention to details. The result is a business plan that not only informs your case, but also clarifies the trajectory of your own business. Would highly recommend Marco's team.

    - Sabrina He

  • We are impressed with how they work.

    We are impressed with how they work. The business plan was very thorough and professional, and they delivered on time. They also provide excellent service and has great professional insight in our business area.

    - Titti Dahl-Pedersen

  • This is a top-quality service.
    Mr. Marco and team are the best! Highly recommended at Visa Businesses, they are very detail oriented and work in a timely matter. This is the second time I used their services, and I am very pleased. This is a top-quality service.

    - I. S.

  • I highly recommend Visa Business Plans
    I highly recommend Visa Business Plans as they provided extremely professional advice and responded in a timely manner. My immigration lawyer recommended the company and I found Marco’s expert knowledge invaluable. The team pulled out all the stops when I had to meet a submission deadline and worked around the clock to produce a stellar business plan. Two of my highly reputable business consultant friends were very impressed with the content and presentation. Thanks to the Visabusinessplans.com team I had a solid business plan to include in my application and my E2 visa was approved!

    - C.J. - Washington, D.C.

  • I highly recommend Visa Business Plans
    Marco Scanu and his team members at Visa Business Plans have been phenomenal in providing the required support needed for investor-based visa applications, be it EB-5, E-1/E-2 or New Company L-1A. They have always been receptive to the dynamic nature of immigration laws and incorporate change(s) to the business plan to address USCIS’ requirements. Since a sound Business Plan forms the backbone of any investor-based visa application, it is imperative to have the strongest support of a Business Plan preparer like Visa Business Plans who can understand the specifics of the regulatory requirements and address the same. I highly recommend Visa Business Plans.

    - Rabindra Singh, Esq

  • Professional Demeanor
    the business plan looks great! I would like to convey my warm regards to this team for their professional demeanor throughout the entire process, and for delivering on time. Best wishes!

    - Sumair Abro

  • Thanks for everything you did for me and my family, we really appreciate it.
    Marco, It’s a pleasure for me to take a few minutes to get back to you on the business plan you have produced for my E2 visa. As you already know, I got my E2 Visa for a period of 5 years. I had the chance to work with your company for the production of my business plan. I only have good words about your team. I always felt supported and surrounded by competent people who understood the importance of a job well done in a short time. Thanks for everything you did for me and my family, we really appreciate it.

    - Frédérick Leonard

  • Congratulations to all of the team at Visa Business Plans!
    We had 3 successful cases with Visa Business Plans! #1 - Business plan for L1A: An energy company in Brazil that needed to estabish an affiliate in the US. The petition was approved, with no RFE! #2 - Business plan for L1A renewal. The petition was approved with no RFE! #3 - Following our greencard application and receiving an RFE, Visa Business Plans did a third project for us. We specialize in offering services in the area of renewable energy with an emphasis on biomass, photovoltaic solar energy and natural gas. We have more than 20 years experience developing efficient energy solutions. After 90 days, our RFE was approved with Visa Business Plans' business plan. Congratulations to all of the team at Visa Business Plans!

    - Rodrigo Arruda

  • Highly recommended.
    I was advised to use Visabusinessplans.com through my immigration attorney.. They were extremely responsive and professional. They Have a great system on collecting information and were very organized and responded timely. Everything with me visa got approved and went smooth. I am very thankful and pleased with Visa Business Plans. Highly recommended.

    - Yoni Bornstein

  • Marco had the best knowledge and helped us find the most efficient solutions to our problems.
    Marco is one of the best assets we have at Superior Academy of Music. We always look forward to our meetings with him since they constitute shots of energy and fresh perspectives for our business. As a new business, we have had to learn a lot. We were fortunate enough to meet Marco just a few weeks prior to opening our doors. His expertise is remarkable and thanks to his guidance, we were able to have a concise strategy to handle the first steps of handling a business. As the weeks and months went by, we continued to meet with him and consult the different aspects of the business. Our questions would change based on the particular circumstances we were in and at every stage, Marco had the best knowledge and helped us find the most efficient solutions to our problems. We continue to work with him on a regular basis and we are extremely grateful for all he does for us and for his positive point of view. We consider Marco to be our guarding angel, since we manage our business confident and faithfully knowing that he is accompanying us every step of the way to success.

    - Dr. Fabiana Claure and Dr. William Villaverde

    I worked with VBP and their service was outstanding, they exceeded my expectation, they even were more on the top than me in my process. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I will not let any other company do the BP for my Visa.

    - Ivan Anzulovich

  • Mr. Marco Scanu and his team are very attentive and thorough!
    I've worked with VISA BUSINESS PLANS and it's a very professional Company! They've delivered a customized Business Plan that makes all the difference for the Business and for the Visa as well; Mr. Marco Scanu and his team are very attentive and thorough!

    - Daniel Favaretto

  • Excellent service
    We are very grateful and satisfied. Excellent service and people!!!

    - Romina Iseruk - I.S.E. Dental Services LLC

  • The business plan was perfect!
    Perfect business plan! Thank you so much to Simone, Yuval, Mari, Marco, Blanca. The business plan was perfect. Thank you so much for your effort and support. Great job, really bravooooooooo.

    - Amany Saad - Mokmok, LLC - Gourmet coffee & snacks services

  • Excellent service and people!!!
    We are very grateful and satisfied. Excellent service and people!!!

    - G.T.

  • Thank you for your work on this case. I was very impressed with the fact finding process that you and your staff engaged in with my client, and the final product shows the hard work and professionalism that you put into the plan. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to another client in similar circumstances.

    - Stephen Bayliss, Esq.

  • I recommend Marco Scanu as a sage, competent professional who can provide timely and expert business plan services to attorneys. Marco Scanu’s business plans are meticulous. He has worked with us on several E-2 visa cases. He shows an affinity for taking complex ideas and presenting them in simple, understandable prose in business plans. Tables, pie graphs and projections are expertly done. This type of business plan expertise is crucial to the success of a business immigration case. I highly recommend Marco for your business plan needs.

    - Michael J. Liberatore, P.A., Business Immigration Attorney

  • I know your work is excellent after the work you did for our most recent client

    - Top 20 Business Immigration Firm

  • Thank you for the hard work you’ve done for our clients thus far, and look forward to referring more of them to you.

    - Top 20 Business Immigration Firm