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My Visa Was Approved, Now What???

First of all, congratulations! You have reached the first step of a very emotional process that is difficult to explain to those who have not experienced it. Now is the time to take a deep breath and recharge your batteries, because very soon you have to begin thinking about renewal.

"Renewal?" you will ask. "But they just approved my visa!" Although this is true and you still have some months to prepare, you should not underestimate the complexity or length of the process that you will inevitably face. And the best way to face the inevitable is to prepare properly.

The first thing the USCIS will want to see is that the proposed plan was fulfilled, along with how the business has evolved from the initial plan to the present date. The history of your business will be summarized in an updated business plan document. Ideally, this document will show positive growth and will be thoroughly aligned with the objectives initially set.

But, what steps do you have to take to make it happen?

The most important step is to have a clear action plan and review it periodically. We have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and we see that what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who struggle to cover their expenses is the ability to envision a plan and then execute it. What should the plan have? One question to answer is how you plan to gain and retain customers. Companies do not disappear due to lack of products and services but due to lack of customers. Make a schedule and plan to work in coordination with your team. Set clear and realistic goals and objectives, and always set a deadline for them.

Check your plan constantly. Business dynamics in the US are constantly changing and your plan must adapt to them. Have new competitors entered? Are there new ways to attract customers? Have your prospective clients evolved in any way? These are all valid questions that will help point your plan and your business in the right direction.

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