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So You Received a NOIR (Notice of Intention to Revoke) – What Now? Visa Business Plans Can Help!

No immigrant wants to receive a NOIR (Notice of Intention to Revoke). However, being informed about what exactly a NOIR entails can help you understand your options and move forward in the best way possible.

So, what is a NOIR?

A NOIR is a revocation on notice of a visa petition issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. According to the USCIS website, a NOIR can be issued for many reasons, ranging from the presence of untrue or incorrect facts in the petition to a violation of the terms of the petition or other regulations.[1]

There is some good news: unlike an Automatic Revocation, a NOIR can be appealed to the Administrative Appeals Office.[2] Consequently, NOIRs include information that will be useful to you and your attorney in this next step, including details describing the grounds for the revocation, the time allowed for a potential rebuttal, and the particular form that should be used to appeal the decision.[3]

While receiving a NOIR can cause concern, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If your attorney has decided to submit a response to a NOIR, we can help!

At Visa Business Plans, we leverage our 12+ years of experience to create successful immigration business plans and customized deliverables that can change an adjudicator’s mind. Through extensive research and exhaustive analysis, we use compelling, data-backed arguments to highlight the strengths of our clients’ enterprises. By implementing our proprietary process, we have successfully helped countless immigration attorneys change the outcomes of NOIRs again and again.

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At present, Mr. Scanu is the managing partner and CEO at Visa Business Plans, a Miami-based boutique consulting firm providing attorneys and investors with business planning services in the areas of U.S. and Canadian immigration and SBA loans.


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