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Three E-2 Conversations That Surprise Our Clients Over And Over Again

Three E-2 Conversations That Surprise Our Clients Over And Over Again

At Visa Business Plans, we have worked with thousands of E-2 investors to craft the perfect business plan for their companies and visa petitions. Over the last decade, we have written business plans for everything from Brazilian-style pizza restaurants to youth soccer academies to online pet supply stores. At this point, we know what kinds of details can make the difference between visa approval and denial. Sometimes (in fact, many times!), this means asking questions or having conversations that surprise our clients.

Below, we’ve chosen to take a closer look at the top three conversations that we see surprise our clients over and over again:

Home or Virtual Office?

Oftentimes we meet clients who are looking to operate their business from a home or virtual office. While this may seem like no big deal, it actually can make a huge difference both to your attorney and the immigration officer reviewing your case. For this reason, we ALWAYS recommend that our clients discuss this matter with an immigration attorney first. Where your company will be headquartered in the U.S. may be something that affects the outcome of your case.

A Five-Year Plan for Your Company?

While this may seem like an unreasonable request, it is exactly the kind of thing the U.S. government will expect E-2 investors to foresee. Having started businesses for 30+ years, we realize how difficult it is to make projections for one year, let alone five. However, do not fear: this is an area where our extensive research and detailed questions become so important. Using industry trends and your own vision of your company’s growth, we can project solid and credible forecasts that will satisfy the government’s thirst to learn more and get you closer to your visa approval.

Spend Money to Show Commitment

E-2 investors have a hard time digesting the idea that they have to actually spend money in the U.S. before knowing if their visa will be approved or not. Believe it or not, E-2 regulations actually require investors to be in the process of “spending money” prior to submitting their visa petition. The reason this rule exists is to ensure that E-2 investors are committed to growing their business and to supporting jobs, rather than moving to the U.S. for some R and R.

As this topic is critical for an E-2 approval, we always encourage our clients to prioritize discussing the E-2 investment with their immigration attorneys. Immigration attorneys have different strategies and views on how much money should be invested prior to applying for an E-2 visa. There is no right or wrong answer, but different approaches to getting your E-2 visa approved.

While these conversations may come as a surprise, and even a shock, to many of our clients, we continue to have them each and every day with all E-2 investors we serve. Why do we take the time to do this? Because getting you closer to achieving your goal of living and working in the U.S. is what we do at Visa Business Plans!

Visa Business Plans is led by Marco Scanu, a certified coach from the University of Miami with a globally-based practice coaching Fortune 1000 company executives, entrepreneurs, as well as professionals in 4 different continents. Mr. Scanu advises clients on turnaround strategies and crisis management.

Mr. Scanu received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Cum Laude) from the University of Florida and an MBA in Management from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Mr. Scanu was also a Visiting Scholar at Michigan State University under the prestigious H. Humphrey Fellowship (Fulbright program) with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and high-growth enterprises.

At present, Mr. Scanu is the managing partner and CEO at Visa Business Plans, a Miami-based boutique consulting firm providing attorneys and investors with business planning services in the areas of US and Canadian immigration and SBA loans.