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Visa Business Plans Celebrates National Immigrants Day

October 28 marks an important holiday in the United States: National Immigrants Day.

Each year on this date, Americans celebrate their nation’s extensive and unique history of welcoming immigrants from all over the world and their contributions to society.

The U.S. is often referred to as the “Great Melting Pot” in recognition of its diverse population comprised nearly exclusively of immigrants and their descendants. This social structure is one-of-a-kind, and National Immigrants Day provides the perfect opportunity for Americans to recognize this proud heritage.

History of National Immigrants Day

Americans first celebrated National Immigrants Day on October 28, 1987, after it was recognized by the U.S. Congress as a holiday that year.

This long-overdue holiday was established well over a century after immigrants came to America and began building the nation into a global power. Immigrants from all over the world united under a common flag and constitution, excelling in an enticing land that offered freedom and opportunity.

Before 1890, immigration was governed individually by the U.S.’s 42 states at the time, though the federal government would step in to oversee the arrival and processing of immigrants. In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison designated Ellis Island, just off the shore of New York City, as the nation’s first federal immigration center, with 12 million immigrants passing through the station over the next 60-plus years.

Immigration to the U.S. peaked in 1907, with 1.25 immigrants arriving in America via Ellis Island. And while Ellis Island closed as a federal immigration center in 1954, and fewer people came to America from overseas in the later part of the century, immigrants continue to be significant drivers of the U.S. economy and society today.

Why National Immigrants Day is Important

Americans continue to recognize the importance of immigration in their great country on National Immigrants Day and throughout the calendar year. If it weren’t for immigrants, the U.S. would not have become the global leader it is today.

Immigrants were the driving force during the Industrial Revolution, as the mass immigration of this time provided the workforce to meet the needs of America’s growing economy. Immigrants filled countless low-skilled labor positions and significantly contributed in more high-skilled roles in agriculture, manufacturing, and science.

Immigrants came to America with big dreams, goals, and an entrepreneurial spirit, providing the U.S. with an advantage over its competition in the world economy that still exists today. As a result, immigrants have founded many of the world’s leading companies in America.

In celebrating National Immigrants Day, we also recognize that the U.S. has been, and continues to be, a unique and highly desirable place to live and work. Throughout America’s history, immigrants have chosen to come to the U.S. not just for its economic opportunities but also for the rights and privileges it offers, including the freedom to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Visa Business Plans Continues to Help Immigrants

Our team at Visa Business Plans is incredibly proud to join the rest of America in celebrating National Immigrants Day. Many of us on staff are immigrants, so we know firsthand what it is like to come to America. And we want to continue to help others achieve their immigration and business goals.

If you are considering starting a business in the U.S. or immigrating to America, call us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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