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E-2 visa

Three Business Models that may work for an E-2 application

Are you looking to identify a profitable business that can get you closer to living and working legally in the United States? An E-2 visa requires a well-thought-out vision for a successful and self-sustaining business and a comprehensive strategy for making it a reality. When looking at businesses that may work for an E-2 visa, it is important to pick a business with a reliable business model and steady demand.

Adjudicators are likely to be leery of E2 petitions for businesses in markets that fluctuate and are more friendly to those in markets that boast a tried-and-true record of stable success.

Here are three business models that may work for your E-2 visa application:

Commercial Cleaning

This industry has grown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which created an increased demand for enhanced cleaning protocols. Commercial cleaning businesses can serve to disinfect airplanes between flights, offices, retail outlets, manufacturing plans, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. [1]

The cost of starting a commercial business is relatively low, and it is a service that offers strong long-term potential since there will always be things that need to be cleaned. Additionally, there are several franchises that focus on offering commercial cleaning services, which provides an easy entry point into the industry and ongoing support. However, keep in mind that not all franchises work for E-2 visas, so make sure you consult with a qualified professional before making a franchise investment.


Demand for childcare in the United States has been rising steadily.[2] Many parents require childcare in order to retain employment, and it can be difficult to find an environment that is safe and healthy for their child.

This is another industry that has franchise options available. Franchises are a great option for your E-2 visa application as owning a franchise provides an immediate quality reputation and support from the franchisor, including a successful business model and advertising provided through the franchisor. If you are considering a franchise, be sure to consult with your attorney to ensure that it is a viable business for your E-2 visa.


The Accounting/bookkeeping industry benefits from strong demand and a shortage of qualified professionals that have allowed industry operators to raise their prices. Accounting businesses require a relatively low capital intensity to start. The most significant barrier to entry in this industry is a shortage of qualified personnel, meaning that if you are experienced in this field, there will be a strong demand for your services.[3]

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