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What is SunBiz?

If you are considering operating a business in Florida, you’ve probably heard of Sunbiz, but what is it? Sunbiz Division of Corporations is the official State of Florida online directory for companies operating within the state of Florida. In addition to housing records for every business in Florida, Sunbiz has many useful features.

Forming a business

Sunbiz is the state division where Florida companies are registered or where Florida Foreign Qualification applications are submitted for approval. To form a Florida business, go to https://dos.myflorida.com/sunbiz/ and find the business type under “Filing Services.” Once the business filing is approved, the entity will be registered within SunBiz records, whether as a domestic Florida company or a foreign entity operating inside of the state of Florida. 

Obtaining Records

Sunbiz users can obtain public business records, such as a company’s:

  • Name of Florida registered agent

  • Date of formation

  • Principle address

  • Mailing address

  • Names of managing members

  • Nature of business

Pay Fees

Users can pay business fees, such as annual report fees, through Sunbiz. They can also complete other filings such as Certificates of Conversion, Reinstatement filings, Change of Registered Agent filings, Articles of Dissolution, and Articles of Correction filings. Users have the option of paying with a check, credit card, or prepaid Sunbiz E-file Account.

Obtaining Forms

Additionally, users can utilize Sunbiz to obtain forms and documents such as a Florida certificate of status, merger forms, or a certified copy of record.

Managed by the Florida Department of State, Sunbiz is a great resource for anyone doing business in Florida. Make sure you take advantage of all of its features when registering, managing, or dissolving a business in Florida.

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