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How to Choose the Ideal Immigration Attorney

One of the most important decisions when transferring to the U.S. is selecting an attorney to help you navigate the lengthy and complex immigration process. Selecting the right legal professional can make or break your chances of obtaining your investor visa, so taking the vetting process seriously is absolutely critical. So, we’ve put together this article to help give some perspective on what aspects one should consider when evaluating and selecting an immigration attorney.

The Role of Specialization in U.S. Law

U.S. attorneys usually specialize in a particular area, including immigration law, family law, business law, etc. This concept can be confusing for foreign nationals coming to the U.S., especially those from Latin America. Some foreign nationals may be used to working with one attorney who can cover all legal matters, whereas, in the U.S., this may not be possible. Being well-informed about the area in which your potential attorney specializes can help you meet your specific legal needs and avoid the issues that may arise from working with the wrong type of professional.

The Importance of Communication Style

In today’s world of ever-expanding technology, being aware of your preferred communication style and that of your potential attorney is essential. Some attorneys prefer to conduct all correspondence over email, while others insist on video calls or in-person meetings. In addition, some attorneys want to be involved in all communications their clients carry out about their cases, while others feel that some matters do not require legal input. Knowing your preferred method of communication early on will allow you to choose an immigration attorney whose style is compatible with yours, laying the foundation upon which to build an excellent client-attorney relationship.

The Benefits of Big Law Firms vs. Small Ones

There are pros and cons to both big law firms and small practices, and being aware of the advantages of each will help you make an appropriate selection for your legal needs. Big law firms often have the most resources and may have more financial capital to draw on in assisting clients. On the other hand, smaller practices frequently provide a higher level of personalized service, offering faster communication due to their lower volume of clients. But remember, just like every individual is unique, so too is every visa petition. Whether you’d benefit more from the services of a big firm over a small one is an assessment that only you can make. If you’re still unsure, we recommend consulting with both types of law firms to get a sense of which will suit your purposes best. During consultations, carefully review and evaluate the details of your case to determine your legal needs.

Selecting an immigration attorney is a lot like choosing fresh produce at a farmer’s market. There are many options to suit several different needs and tastes, but even within the same category, there are individual differences to each fruit and vegetable. Rather than picking any peach off the pile, the smartest shoppers take the time to explore their options before making a final decision; and it pays off by ensuring their selection is the optimal size, color, and ripeness for their purposes. The process of finding the best immigration attorney for you is noticeably similar. Those who pick without looking might not find out until it’s too late that their selection isn’t right for them.

We recommend that every visa seeker keep these important factors in mind when choosing their immigration attorney. When what’s at stake is not only your career path but the direction of your entire future, a decision like this can’t be made lightly.

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