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Response to Request for Evidence (RFE)

We Can Ensure Your Response is Satisfactory to USCIS

Despite how well business visa applications seek to anticipate questions the USCIS might have, visa petitions receive Requests for Evidence (RFE) seeking additional information, a practice more common in the current political climate.

While an RFE might seem like a setback, it shows continued interest in the application and can be overcome if handled appropriately.

How to Handle a Request for Evidence (RFE)

To handle an RFE, start it as soon as possible to ensure you have enough time to prepare a thorough, accurate response. Consider that you need time to gather documents, prepare explanations, and mail the response back to USCIS before the deadline. It is recommended to go over it with professionals such as the members of Visa business Plans to ensure that nothing is missed.

Begin by reading the entire request carefully. You will only receive an RFE one time, which means you will only get one chance to respond to all the questions that the USCIS might have about your application.

Be sure to review your application completely. The USCIS officer may request information that has already been provided. If this happens, do not ignore it. Be sure to address it and provide a photocopy of any relevant documents even if it was already provided in your original application.

To prepare your response, be sure to include:

  • The original request for evidence --not a photocopy.

  • Send all relevant documents together, in one package. You will not be allowed to send additional information at a later time.

  • If it is necessary to include photocopies of documents that were included in the original application, make note of it in the response.

  • Do not simply provide documents -- if explanations are needed to provide context to any evidence, include it with the response.

  • If you are unable to provide information that was requested in the RFE, provide an explanation why and if possible, offer alternative evidence instead.

Be sure to mail your documents early so that they arrive by the deadline. It is also advisable that you have a way to track the package and confirm that it was delivered. For your records, you should also keep a duplicate copy of the request and your entire response.

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To address effectively, RFEs require business expertise and knowledge about the nuances of the ever-changing USCIS adjudication standards and preferences. When RFEs are received, we work hand-in-hand with immigration attorneys to prepare responses, through tweaks to business plans or specific customized documents, including detailed industry-specific job duties, feasibility analyses, market studies, and industry benchmarks.

The response should be presented professionally and crafted to the audience, to satisfy evident USCIS concerns about the underlying business or its operations. Our RFE responses often make the difference between an approved and a denied visa.

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