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CPA Letter for E-2 Petitions

E-2 business visa applications typically include a comprehensive business plan that the adjudication and consular officers will pour over with a fine-tooth comb. In addition to market and operational analysis, the E-2 business plan often features a five-year pro-forma financial projection that includes personnel and revenue forecasts, income and cash flow statements, a break-even analysis. a balance sheet and various financial indicators and assumptions. Having a certified CPA provide a letter to certify that the financial projections were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and vouch for the nature of the enterprise is not only a major advantage, but indispensable. Indeed, some U.S. Consulates require CPA certification to this effect.

We work closely with a cluster of certified CPAs who have extensive experience providing the certified letters and who become part of the assembled team dedicated to maximizing chances of success for our E-2 clients. Call (888) 657-3515 today.

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